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How Rapid Prototyping Can Make Your Business Productive

by Nice Rapid | Sep 02,2021 | Rapid Prototyping

Today, about 30,000 new products are getting introduced on the market annually. On top of this, there are more than 627,000 startups launched each year. These are proof of how fast the market is growing.

How does this relate to rapid prototyping? Simple. Almost every product that was launched in the market has gone through its design and testing phase. And that is where rapid prototyping is used. Almost every product, whether for mass production or low volume requirement, must have a prototype.

Rapid prototyping has a range of procedures that can create a prototype or model using computer-aided design or CAD data. With the continuous development of technology and materials, various sectors continue to gain from its benefits.

Included in rapid prototyping are varied manufacturing technologies including the most commonly used process, additive manufacturing, or 3D printing. However, there are also other methods available like the compressive and subtractive techniques applicable to selected industries.

This article explores how rapid prototyping can raise your profitability by simply implementing the correct prototyping strategy.

silicone 3d printed products

Helps Avoid Unnecessary Production Costs Through Testing

One of the biggest benefits of using rapid prototyping is it allows product developers to test their design early and at a relatively low cost. Prototyping takes time and may need different prototypes before deciding on the final design.

When rapid prototyping is used, product developers can detect the design errors, and make the necessary adjustments fast. If undetected, it will be a costly mistake later in the production phase.

Reduces the Cost of Product Development

Another major contribution of rapid prototyping to boosting productivity is lowering product development costs. This is particularly helpful for small businesses with a limited budget. And is also applicable to all since reducing product development costs would mean better profitability.

With rapid prototyping, businesses have better control of the expenses without sacrificing the quality and functionality of the product. Aside from this, there are also other ways a business can lessen production costs. For example, having a shorter lead time. The sooner they can get the product mass-produced, the better their chance at getting ahead of their competition.

Every business knows the importance of reducing costs and what it can do to them. Rapid prototyping, can save time during the development phase and launch the product faster.

Offers Customization

Rapid Prototyping allows companies to customize their products. The modern customers and the global market, per se, are leaning more towards personalization and customization. Making a unique product offers a better chance against the competition.

On another note, customization also allows product developers to create different prototypes to present to the stakeholders like the clients, shareholders, and investors. Instead of showing a mere photograph or virtual representation of the design, they can produce low-cost prototypes.

They can also produce a limited series for a specific client to win their approval using rapid prototyping or 3D printing.


With rapid prototyping techniques, businesses can detect issues with the design earlier, they can save on prototyping and production costs, streamline the timeline, and determine the proper materials and machinery to use for production.

They can also conduct an unlimited number of tests on the design before going into the next stage of production. All these benefits can help boost productivity, which translates to better profitability.

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