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Compression Moulding

Compression moulding uses rubber in the manufacture of parts and components, as well as being used as a coating on existing tools. It has many advantages, with rubber being strong, more malleable and less rigid than other materials and with the ability to withstand stress and experience less wear. To produce rubber parts, there are three processes used, namely – compression, injection and extrusion moulding – each of which has its own unique advantages when compared to other methods.

Low cost:Compression moulding is very cost-effective due to its simplicity and especially when compared to other similar techniques.

Low waste:The lack of gates, sprues and runners as a biproduct of production almost eliminates tooling wastage and so reduces production costs.

Suitability for oversized parts: Compression moulding is ideal for manufacturing large parts.


We are completely carried out the whole production line from mold, refining, trimming, assembly with the most professional rubber vulcanizing equipment, the innovative R & D sprite, strong production capacity, strict quality control that makes us well to produce the material of NR, NBR, EPDM, SIR, CR, SBR, FKM, PU etc. All the raw materials can conform with ROSH, REACH and FDA, strictly enforce of ISO-9001 international quality system certification, we maintain good cooperation with domestic and foreign companies.

  • Strong Capability on Mold Making
    Strong Capability on Mold Making
    Equipped with the world’s top mold manufacturing equipment, ensure that each link can get the most accurate and effective control.
  • Scientific Pre-forming Procedure
    Scientific Pre-forming Procedure
    Introduced equipment such as pre-forming extrude, rubber & silicone strips cutting machines to ensure the accuracy or producing and the stability of products.
  • Precise Refining Operation
    Precise Refining Operation
    In order to effectively protect the excellent use of rubber, we formulated precise batching procedures. Continuously improve the banburying technology, as well as the high standard mixing practices, which enjoyed good reputation in the industry.
  • Professional Rubber Vulcanizing Machines
    Professional Rubber Vulcanizing Machines
    We have introduced the most professional rubber vulcanizing equipment, such as the tabulate vulcanizing machines, vacuum tabulate vulcanizing machines.
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