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At Nice Rapid, we offer a wide range of manufacturing services and solutions for all your rapid tooling needs. From your design concept to creation, all of your designs and ideas are created efficiently and securely in our shop, it’s a one-stop for everything providing you with the ultimate class and convenience.

Our center of production is quite spacious giving our engineering and design team ample space to work on your project in an efficient and free manner. Our production and sales team work hand in hand thus ensuring that the final end-products match the original designs and ideas. Our rapid tooling services are tailor-made to provide you with quality injection molded parts within the shortest time possible. Additionally, the confirmation process of all your designs will be fastened giving you a picture of the final injection molded parts using your preferred material. Learn more about our plastic injection molding services.

Rapid tooling is one of the quickest and fastest ways of production compared to the tooling process, this is partly attributed to the efficient ways in which the CAD designs are produced. Additionally, rapid tooling also involves smaller volumes making it an effective and efficient way. After we receive the CAD files, we will send you the samples within 15-days. This is just a rough estimate it can even be shorter than the set time limit, the efficiency and effectiveness of the design tool can result in larger production cycles using the same tool which will not only reduce production cost but also improve on efficiencies.

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Common Types of Rapid Tooling

Aluminum Mold Tooling and Steel Mold Tooling

The enduring debate between aluminum and steel as the superior material in terms of longevity and cost-effectiveness remains a perennial topic. At our company, we take pride in delivering top-notch services to our clients, which is why we aim to shed light on this ongoing discussion. With our extensive experience, we’ve observed that steel has traditionally been the preferred choice for most rapid tooling projects due to its durability. However, recent fluctuations in steel prices have prompted a shift in favor of aluminum. Apart from its cost advantage, aluminum boasts quicker production times, spearheading a revolution in rapid tooling. At Nice Rapid, we stand at the forefront of this evolution. Below, we present a concise comparison between these two remarkable materials.

aluminum mold tooling

Aluminum Mold Tooling

Suitable for complex parts

Large pool for surface finish options

Easy to modify

Less flash and over-weld

Cost-effective and long-lasting

steel mold tooling

Steel Mold Tooling

Faster production times

Easy to store and move

Low cost of production

Heat transfer faster

Light weight

From the above discussion, the selection of the two materials the quantity and the part/product being manufactured. At Nice Rapid we will factor in the two aspects and advice you accordingly on which is the best material, we also specialize in using the two materials to their fullest potential.