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Rapid Tooling

At Nice Rapid, we offer a wide range of manufacturing services and solutions for all your rapid tooling needs. From your design concept to creation, all of your designs and ideas are created efficiently and securely in our shop, it's a one-stop for everything providing you with the ultimate class and convenience.

Our center of production is quite spacious giving our engineering and design team ample space to work on your project in an efficient and free manner. Our production and sales team work hand in hand thus ensuring that the final end-products match the original designs and ideas. Our rapid tooling services are tailor-made to provide you with quality injection molded parts within the shortest time possible. Additionally, the confirmation process of all your designs will be fastened giving you a picture of the final injection molded parts using your preferred material.

Rapid tooling is one of the quickest and fastest ways of production compared to the tooling process, this is partly attributed to the efficient ways in which the CAD designs are produced. Additionally, rapid tooling also involves smaller volumes making it an effective and efficient way. After we receive the CAD files, we will send you the samples within 15-days. This is just a rough estimate it can even be shorter than the set time limit, the efficiency and effectiveness of the design tool can result in larger production cycles using the same tool which will not only reduce production cost but also improve on efficiencies.

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Mold Trialing

For every mold trail, there are three phases:

  • First Out of Tool (FOT): The plastic is inserted into the new tool to check on the ease of opening, cooling rates, flow rates which includes inspecting on the flash or any other anomalies present. The flow rates and mold design can be altered if the process is not considered a success.
  • Customer Review: During the entire phase of the manufacturing samples, we send samples to the customer for review and inspection. If the parts and products don't meet the customer preferences, we will tinker the design until the customer is fully satisfied. If the parts and products meet the customer quality standards then the tool will be ready for final experimentation and testing.
  • Final Optimization: The tool will be ready for full-time production. After phase two commences the parts produced are studied ensuring they meet all the parameters of the DFM and if there are adjustments to be made our engineers and designers will be at hand to do so. At this stage, the tool will produce excellent parts for a lifetime.

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Aluminum Vs Steel

This is one of the raging debates that will never end, it's the age-old question which one is the best material between aluminum and steel with regards to longevity and cost-effectiveness. We pride ourselves in offering the best services to our clients that’s why in this section we are going to delve into a little discussion which of the two materials is the best option and which one should you go with for your next project.

In our extensive years of experience steel is usually the go-to material for most Rapid tooling projects. It has a long shelf life giving it an edge over aluminum but, the recent trend of increasing steel prices. Aluminum is slowly becoming the go-to metal for most rapid tooling projects.

Aside from being cheaper, aluminum is also faster to produce leading the way for rapid tooling revolution. Nice Rapid is at the forefront of this revolution. Here is our brief comparison between the two amazing materials.


  • Suitable for complex parts
  • Easy to modify
  • Large pool for surface finish options
  • Less flash and over-weld
  • Cost-effective and long-lasting


  • Faster production times
  • Easy to store and move
  • Low cost of production

From the above discussion, the selection of the two materials the quantity and the part/product being manufactured. At Nice Rapid we will factor in the two aspects and advice you accordingly on which is the best material, we also specialize in using the two materials to their fullest potential.

If you looking for the next rapid tooling project, look no further at Nice Rapid we are always ready to bring all your vision and ideas into reality.

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