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NICE Rapid strive to create the best products that can satisfy our customers' needs in the global market. We have extensive expertise in rapid prototyping, silicone molding and low volume manufacturing, and we have worked with diverse companies and products from different regions and industries. NICE aims to grow and innovate with our customers in the dynamic field of manufacturing. We welcome you to contact us anytime to discuss your next project, as we are eager to hear from you!

Rapid Prototyping
NICE Rapid specializes the highest quality rapid prototype manufacturing and prototyping services. The process includes CNC machining, vacuum casting, 3d printing and so on. Rapid prototyping ensures that your products will go beyond your expectations, whatever production time or the quality of them. It is the best option for functionality testing on the products of the concept and getting feedback they received from users in a quick time.
Silicone Molding
Silicone rubber has limitless used across nearly every industry. Silicone rubber can be made in both small and large quantities, and are available in many different colors. Silicone molds are very flexible in the sense so that it is much easier to demold the products. Due to its good chemical and physical properties, it allows you to do more complex molding of the parts in turn. Besides, silicone molding is cheap and fast manufacturing process.
Low-Volume Manufacturing
Rapid prototyping is a method of producing low to medium volume of products using a tooling mould and the injection moulding process, with the mould being made of multiple materials, such as silicone, aluminium and P20 steel. Once the mould has been produced, it can then be filled with various plastics materials to create the moulded product as many times as is required. NICE Rapid is a rapid tooling and prototyping specialist, who has been at the forefront of development in the field for many years.
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