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3D Printing Services

NICE Rapid is specialized in rapid prototyping. However, many new to the industry are still unaware of exactly what this means and how we are qualified to help you produce the highest quality injection moulded parts. We will explain a little more about rapid prototyping and how it could help your business as below.

3D printer workshop

3D Printing

3D printing is relatively cheap, quick and effective. We can now produce some quite complex designs with multiple materials via 3D printing. However it is not suitable for mass production.


Stereolithography(SLA), also known as additive manufacturing, uses a cooling laser and photopolymer resin to produce parts. This is undertaken  by the laser sketching an imprint on the resin, which is slowly cured by every pass, adhering to the layer below until the process is completed and a finished part is produced. It is best for models and complex designs and is quite competitive in relation to cost, but the parts produced maybe fairly fragile and they may degrade when exposed to humidity and UV light.

  • 3D Printing SLA
  • SLA 3D Printed Parts
  • SLA 3D Printed Parts
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