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Frequently Asked Questions

Company Related Questions
  • What does the quotation need?

    - 3d files in STL (.stl), STEP (.stp), IGES (.igs) format and others.

    - Process, material, quantity, colour, finishing, as detailed as possible.

  • How long can i get a quotation?
    You can get a quotation in 24 hours. It might take 48 hours if the project is complex.
  • Why do we prototype?

    Generally, prototypes are created to test the final product in a format that is easily visualised and tactile. Doing so allows us to showcase our idea to potential customers or investors, allowing them to visualise the product through your eyes. It can also help us to determine how and with whom we are going to produce the finished part, as well as to reveal any flaws in our original design that we might have missed. It also allows us to provide a sample to others who maybe dependent on our design to create accessories or other items that the end consumer might find useful. Finally, depending on how sophisticated the prototype is, it allows us to test the end-product in everyday use and to ascertain how and why it will be used and the price point that it should be sold at. Being a prototype also makes it easy and relatively cheap to fix any design flaws prior to commencement of manufacture when a lot of wasted time, product and money have gone into the final product.

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