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Vacuum Casting27-07-2023
Otherwise known in the industry as polyurethane or urethane casting, the vacuum casting process for prototyping utilizes silicone molds to manufacture rubber and plastic components under a vacuum.... Read More
CNC Machining24-07-2023
The invention of CNC milling stretches back five decades. Since its inception, CNC machining garnered a reputation for automation and precision in product prototyping and manufacturing, leading to... Read More
CNC Machining21-07-2023
The medical industry demands accuracy, precision, and reliability in product prototyping and development to ensure product quality and efficacy. CNC machining is a popular choice for rapid... Read More
The first use of anodizing technology was for protecting seaplanes from seawater corrosion. British inventors Stuart and Bengough filed a patent application for their anodizing process in... Read More
Every year, more than 30,000 new products launch into the market. With so many additions, how can your product stand out from the competition? Prototyping offers manufacturers a useful tool in the... Read More
Have you ever wondered how brands make the grip parts on toothbrushes or plastic cooking spatulas? Molded objects can receive a second resin layer in the TPU injection molding process, aka... Read More
Makeup is a billion-dollar industry, with companies investing millions in product research and development. Silicone molding offers an attractive manufacturing process for mass-producing products... Read More
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