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27 06-2023
Do you want rapid prototype development? Do you need a fast transition into mass production? Multi-cavity injection molding is a great choice for plastic and silicon components. What is a... Read More
26 06-2023
Have you ever looked at your keyboard or laptop and thought, "How did that get into my possession?" The intricate design with the keys and the positioning of electronics. How can such a complicated... Read More
23 06-2023
Rapid prototyping requires fast production of parts to assess the viability of offering them to the market. After prototyping, fast distribution relies on fast production strategies designed to... Read More
21 06-2023
Today, manufacturers and prototype designers have their choice of finishes in plastic injection molded parts. The possibilities for finishes of final products allow better levels of innovation and... Read More
19 06-2023
Plastic injection molding and Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) are two amazing technologies. This dynamic duo is responsible for a whole new wave of products entering the market in recent... Read More
12 06-2023
Industrial design and manufacturing saw huge advancement in the last century thanks to the introduction of plastic molding techniques and machines. Overmolding is an effective type of plastic... Read More
09 06-2023
It’s possible to launch rapid prototyping of plastic-designed components using plastic injection molding. This six-step manufacturing process involves designing and manufacturing a mold, then... Read More
07 06-2023
5 axis-machining revolutionized the CNC process. This machine manipulates the cutting of materials through three to five axes with a high degree of precision and accuracy. After creating the CAD... Read More
05 06-2023
Flowers are the epitome of beauty and nature and are loved by many people worldwide. Therefore, when creating impressive and large flower moulds, one material that is perfect for the job is liquid... Read More
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