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Vacuum Casting30-12-2022
Vacuum-assisted pouring of liquid materials into silicone molds to create complicated shapes is known as vacuum casting. Latex and rubber elastomers are used in vacuum sealing of a fluid. Vacuum... Read More
CNC Machining29-12-2022
How does CNC machining work and what it is? CNC (Computer Numeral Control) automation includes the use of moving parts, manufacturing hardware, and manufacturing software. A wide variety of... Read More
A prototype should be created before a product is launched in order to see how it will look in its final form or to test it with a particular market segment. However, prototyping may be expensive... Read More
What does rapid prototyping entail? Rapid prototyping is a method used in agile product development. During this stage, a 3D product model or design is created to improve features including... Read More
As the manufacturing world has evolved, manufacturers have faced numerous challenges as they struggle to manufacture and sell their products. These challenges include increased competition, low... Read More
Commercial manufacturing facilities are becoming increasingly outdated and inefficient due to mass production investing in the wrong technologies. Low-volume manufacturing is the new future of... Read More
3D Printing19-12-2022
3D printing, commonly known as additive manufacturing, has passed long ways since its inception in the 1980s. Although 3D printing began as a method of producing materials, it has since developed... Read More
Liquid silicone rubber (LSR) is a versatile, high-performance elastomer with properties that make it ideal for many applications. LSR is made from a cross-linked polymer of silicon atoms and is a... Read More
If you are in the business of silicone molding, then you know that the process can be tricky. Many factors can affect the outcome of your mold, and it can be challenging to keep track of all of... Read More
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