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3D printing is amongst the most cutting-edge technology that allows the creation of a physical part/product from a wide range of digital models depending on your printing needs and requirements. In the beginning, the first printing service was introduced in the 1980s and was popularly known as Rapid Prototyping as it was the only use of this technology.

Back in those days, 3D printing was used to create prototypes cost-effectively due to limited printing techniques. But, as technology grew and became modernized, 3D printing services has slowly emerged as one of the most popular technologies that will create anything that you’ve ever imagined.

3D printing products

3D printing products

How is the Service Offered?

3D printing is an additive manufacturing process as there is no removal of materials, but instead, there is an addition of materials in successive layers. Unlike the conventional subtractive manufacturing technique, which involves the removal of excess materials.

For printing service, at Nice Rapid, we fist come up with 3D model designs of your product design using a 3D scanner or modeling program which scans the entire object that’s to be printed. After the creation of the design, the 2nd phase is the importation of print software.

Most software runs with a G-code file that prints the physical design of your object. Currently, on the market, there is a wide variety of 3D technologies the provide for the creation of objects through the layering of successive thin layers of materials on a part/product.

For desktop printing service, the use of plastic filaments, which are, in turn, fed into the printer by a feeder. The filaments are melted in the print head, and lastly, the materials are extruded onto the plate creating an object/part layer after layer.

Reasons to use 3D printing Service

With 3D printing service, you’ll have endless possibilities in different aspects of the production and manufacturing sector, such as architecture, engineering, product design. Some of the most common uses of the printing service include:

Complex and intricate geometry- For designs and object that can’t be created with other tooling methods can be created with ease using a 3D printer. 3D printing offers intuitive solutions as well as learning opportunities when it comes to challenging shapes and geometry.

Fast prototyping – The printing provides for quick and fast creation of prototype models; this helps designs and companies provide iterative responses on project designs with a short life cycle.

Customized models – The service allows for creating customized parts or products that can be easily customized depending on your preferences and need in terms of sizes and shapes. For fully customized models, you’ll be able to create machined parts and products which would not have been possible when using other forms of technologies.

There are various reasons why 3D printing has gained a lot of momentum in recent years, partly because there is no tooling required, and there is no complexity. The materials and costs used are quite lower compared to other forms of technology, making it a go-to service for most manufacturers and designers.