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What would you think would happen if objects can be 3D printed at once instead of layer by layer? Volumetric 3D printing is a process that depends on resin polymerization that enables the entire batch to be printed all at once within seconds.

It has transformed the way how 3D printing works since the time it was introduced in the world of Additive Manufacturing. If you are thinking about how it is best to take a look at how this type of printing functions and how does it perform compared to other Additive Manufacturing processes.

Volumetric 3D Printing product

Volumetric 3D Printing product

Computed Axial Lithography

Volumetric 3D Printing is also referred to as computed axial lithography. It is a process inspired by scanning technology which has been applied in the medical industry for many years now.

In biomedical imaging, x-ray beams are used to obtain computed tomography scans. It is done by rotating the beams around the person’s body to capture slices, which when combined will produce a three-dimensional image. This type of printing apply this principle, and the resulting techniques enable you to 3D print all points of the product at the same time.

Thus, the CT scan approach is reexamined. Rather than capturing images, volumetric 3D printing depends on pre-loaded models converted into X-ray 2D projections. Aside from these projections, a cylindrical tank full of photosensitive liquid is utilized. As the container rotates, the light rays illuminate with 2D slices of the 3-D models pre-loaded from different angles.

The process continues until there is enough 2D exposures get overlaid, and provides a way to a 3D energy dose sufficient to allow the liquid to solidify into the needed shape of the object. Upon the completion of the process, the object is then retrieved from the vat and the resin that was not exposed will be washed away.

You can see what lies ahead with this new application. The utilization of volumetric 3D printing can help you progress locally and internationally. It will greatly impact your business and profit. The process is known as the primary solution for present and future levels of hunger and homelessness. It likewise modernized home construction which makes it more efficient and affordable.

Ensuring Access

3D printing has become more accessible to people worldwide. At present, they are used in technical university and specialized labs, particularly in developing countries. To determine its actual benefits, it should be brought to other spaces and in the stakeholder’s hands as well as local change-makers.