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02 04-2020
The liquid silicone rubber molding has been in the market for more than 20 years. However, it is only that it has given the right attention. It has been used in different industries and is... Read More
01 04-2020
Vacuum casting with silicone mold is referred as silicon vacuum casting which is the combination of two distinct methods: Vacuum Casting and Flexible Mold. This combination is possible... Read More
31 03-2020
The production of both small, as well as large plastic parts can be traced back to some old techniques of casting. However, with the latest technological expansion, the nature of vacuum casting can... Read More
30 03-2020
Curious about what liquid silicone rubber molding is all about? You have come to the right page. We are going to talk about this manufacturing process that involves liquid silicone rubber to... Read More
27 03-2020
Developed in two German universities in the 1960s, silicone vacuum casting is a production technique which combines the two methods of duplication with vacuum and moulds of silicone. This... Read More
26 03-2020
In the times of high-quality products. Everyone expects one to be better than the rest of the companies. Therefore, when it comes to buying products and the production process, there is a... Read More
25 03-2020
After one year of preparation, NICE rapid model company, from preparing documents, adjusting management, optimizing processes, to on-site rectification, finally passed the ISO 9001 audit on... Read More
25 03-2020
Do you want to get your product to the market quicker than your competition? Then it would be best if you chose rapid tooling. With many innovations coming out in the manufacturing... Read More
24 03-2020
Making of mold in a mechanical surface or plastic surface used to takes weeks or sometimes even months before rapid tooling was initiated. The engineers who were in any way involved in injection... Read More
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