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29 12-2019
Plastics these days are often seen as the devil in the world of recycling and the environment, but for something that we use and see around us every day, how has this come about and is injection... Read More
07 10-2019
Every week there seems to be a new scare involving food or additives that are apparently causing us harm in some way or another. Indeed, it is true that there have been very serious and hugely... Read More
07 10-2019
Although there are now many different resins to choose from when thinking about your next injection moulding project, issues such as how flame retardant it is and whether this can be improved are... Read More
26 09-2019
If you are looking for a little more sophistication in your product, then this might be the time to think about using a side-action mould, instead of a standard straight-pull mould. Here, we will... Read More
25 09-2019
Once you have decided on the prototype that you want to produce and the approximate materials that it is to be produced from, you need to work on the mould design and any features on the finished... Read More
24 09-2019
Production of simple plastic parts sounds simple and, mostly, it is. Here, we will explain the steps that are necessary to produce simple plastic parts and why this matters to your... Read More
23 09-2019
During high-volume injection moulding, multiple copies of the same part can be made using the same mould, speeding up production times and reducing tool time for the manufacturer. It may also be... Read More
22 09-2019
Family moulds are used to create several parts of a prototype and are able to be accommodated in the same mould in order to reduce costs and production times. Obviously, these reasons attract many... Read More
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