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23 09-2019
During high-volume injection moulding, multiple copies of the same part can be made using the same mould, speeding up production times and reducing tool time for the manufacturer. It may also be... Read More
16 09-2019
The main reasons for using Expanded Polystyrene in Injection Moulding are due to its durability light weight and insulating properties. Multiple products for many sectors are able to be produced,... Read More
15 09-2019
Mixing materials into a blend for an injection moulding project is sometimes required in order to provide the final product with specific properties or to enable it be to used for critical... Read More
05 09-2019
The European Union has been undertaking research involving Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its use in the injection moulding industry – to be known as the Des-MOLD System. Integrating AI is... Read More
28 08-2019
Exciting new advancements in injection moulding, now mean that high-precision moulding for production of scientific and medical devices is now a reality. This has partially occurred due to new... Read More
02 08-2019
We are all looking to decrease costs and tooling time. Often, by looking at how each process works independently, we can find a way to refine our production methods and improve our processes. The... Read More
27 06-2019
Much has been discussed lately in relation to the large amount of plastic debris that is floating around our oceans, causing untold damage to our marine ecosystems and also possibly to our own... Read More
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