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08 05-2020
Liquid silicone rubber has been used for many industries for more than 40 years now. Even established markets continue to use the process and provide new opportunities in the future because of its... Read More
07 05-2020
Rapid tooling is the product of combining traditional tooling methods and rapid prototyping processes. It is the latest manufacturing techniques that has been designed when a small number of... Read More
06 05-2020
Compression moulding is a process utilized to create stock shape materials that are both Thermoset and thermoplastic. It is done by placing a plastic material in the mold cavity that is... Read More
30 04-2020
Vacuum casting is a process that is applied to produce all forms of industrial prototypes and components. Casting is a reliable and flexible process that needs a premium-quality master model. The... Read More
29 04-2020
In today's modern life, 3D printing is a popular process in creating objects using a digital model. 3D printers are referred to as additive manufacturing because it is done by adding a very thin... Read More
28 04-2020
In a much simpler term, compression molding is the use of rubber to create machined parts and products. This is one of the most widely used techniques in the rubber industry, just like any other... Read More
27 04-2020
In the pharmaceutical industry, it can be quite hard to manufacture or make medical parts/products. Part of the reason being, the entire process is complicated, coupled with the fact that the speed... Read More
26 04-2020
During the design phase of machine parts of the product using silicone molding, the main objective is to create a functional and accurate design that will work well as well as be produced at a low... Read More
24 04-2020
The medical sector is vital for the well-being and general good health for billions around the world. But, it's tough to create medical parts and devices. Part of the reasons that makes it... Read More
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