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23 03-2021
Every single manufacturing project has one thing in common: you need suitable materials to work with, and you need them to be as cost-effective as possible. It also helps if they have an... Read More
10 03-2021
After finishing your aluminum extrusion, the next phase is deciding the finishing. There are a wide variety of options that you can choose from, so it's natural to decide on a finishing option... Read More
05 03-2021
Making something out of aluminum is a hard call. You need to understand how the metal works and the best process to get it in the shape you need to complete your finished product. The most... Read More
04 03-2021
The applications of aluminum extrusion in manufacturing and product development have grown exponentially during the last decades. In fact, according to a recent market study, it will increase by... Read More
02 03-2021
Aluminum extrusion is often considering a manufacturing technique that can help us solve design problems. Professionals well know the metal by a 4-digit code that identifies the type of metal we... Read More
27 02-2021
A lot of designers commit the sin of taking aluminum extrusion for granted when it comes to development. This is a dearly costly mistake that can ram up any project's price if it's not taken into... Read More
26 02-2021
If there is a method that could shape an aluminum metal, then extrusion is the answer. Aluminum extrusion is a standard process that manipulates aluminum into shape by forcing the raw heated... Read More
23 02-2021
Profile Precision Extrusions are used in the manufacture of a wide range of custom aluminum extrusions, especially for the medical device industry. It's mainly used in a wide variety of... Read More
18 02-2021
Recently, the automotive industry is pushing towards reducing the vehicle’s weight. The move has led to a search for more materials that could comply with the regulations as well answer the... Read More
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