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Most Common Types of Finishing Services Applicable to Machined Parts

by Nice Rapid | Sep 08,2021 | Finishing Services

There are a variety of finishing services available to add or alter the surface of the finished part for enhancement of its form or function. These finishing techniques are also added to protect the part from deterioration due to the elements.

When you are working with parts, you will understand why professional finishing services are an important part of the manufacturing process. If this is done poorly, it will disregard the effort you have put into creating the product.

Why is Finishing Services Important?

Most often than not, the appearance of the final product will have an impact on its saleability. No matter how functional the part is, it should also look good and should have an additional layer of protection from early corrosion.

Another importance of finishing services is on the health and safety aspect of the product. Poor finishing can result in rough or sharp edges which may cause injuries to those who will work with this part. It only shows that finishing the job professionally and properly is as important as the rest of the production process.

Finishing is not all about the looks of the product. It is also to prevent corrosion and ensure conductivity. Therefore, product designers should take note of the finishing services that the design requires.

Quick Overview of Common Finishing Services

These finishing techniques can be used for aesthetic reasons, protect the part, and improve the function of the part. Here are some examples.

Bead Blast

Bead blasting is a form of finishing service used in machined components to create a matte finish and remove any visible tool marks made during the machining process. It is easy to understand how the process works. Beads are blasted into the part using a pressurized gun. It will remove minute material from the surface while smoothing the bumps.

product after bead blast finish

Black Oxide

This is a form of a coating that will render a black color into the component. It will have mild corrosion resistance as well as minimizing the reflection of light on the part. You can find black oxide finishing in the firearms industry to reduce light reflection.

black oxide finished parts


Burnishing is a finishing process that alters the surface size, finish or hardness. It creates a mirror finish. These finishing services can eliminate the porosity of its surface, improve corrosion, reduce fatigue, and surface defects. Burnishing is done by running a roller or coated ball over the surface of the deformed shape.

services buffing metal surfaces

Electroless Plating

The process involves adding a metal coating on the machined part by immersing it in a chemical bath that has a catalyst. It improves the surface finishing and improves its wear and corrosion resistance. Its advantage is it can add layer protection no matter how complicated the geometry is.

blacck electroless nickel plating


This is a process of using a coating on a machined part with a layer of metal with an electric current. It is widely used to improve appearance, abrasion and corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity, reflectivity, and lubricity. All these additional qualities will depend on the choice of the plating material and the substrate.



Nice Rapid has developed a range of finishing services to suit your requirements. They have produced a wide variety of finishes across different industries.

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