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The liquid silicone rubber molding has been in the market for more than 20 years. However, it is only that it has given the right attention. It has been used in different industries and is creating new opportunities.

At present, around 25 to 30% of the silicone market around the world is LSR and could worth around $20.3 billion by this year. With that, the estimated worldwide LSR market size by this year could reach up to $5.075 billion.

LSR is being used mostly in the medical device industry in producing surgical tools and equipment, specifically due to its biocompatibility. This industry has made up around $250 million in 2012. The US and China have been the leading global users of LSR, with the Asia-Pacific region responsible for 40% of the overall silicone market size when it comes to volume. At present, the distribution of LSR manufacturing locally has been introduced and has grown significantly in the last five years.

LSR in Modern Manufacturing

The incorporation of LSR as part of the in-mold bonding process has been increasing because it is very efficient and also because of its consistency and produces less scrap.

Electronics, like wearables as well as other personal electronic tools, use LSR in manufacturing, particularly with the movement to ruggedize these machines, combining function and fashion, and allow them to be used in areas where it was prohibited in the past. An example of this is an electronics injection molder that uses LSR for noise-canceling headphones with a total volume of 50,000 every month. This is responsible for 40% of the company’s total business.

Cookware and household Products. Baking pans, spatulas, and cake pans are also a growing industry for LSR molding. Its properties are slow, so they do not do well with other materials. LSR is safe to touch, which makes it an excellent material for cooking and storing food.

LSR products

LSR products

Other Industry Where it is Applicable

Liquid silicone rubber molding is used for parts with complicated geometries. It is because of this why it is being used in many industries. The liquid silicone material can fill the parts of the mold fast and efficient. It also provides tight tolerances and is recommended for food or medical grade components.

Architectural Textiles – LSR provides longer life to coated textiles. Gloves used for cooking, cleaning, or keep you warm are another possibility in this industry. Rubber pads could be produced on the gloves for proper gripping.

Sporting products – swim goggles and diving masks have liquid silicone rubber molded seals. Other sports equipment also possesses LSR grips and in LSR soles on the footwear industry.

Baby items – LSR molding is also applied in the industry of baby care products.

Automotive and transportation – in the automotive industry like LSR for seals and gaskets, the application varies. Liquid silicone rubber lets you integrate different parts and materials in one part. Lightweight is not a thing in this industry, except if you make a thinner design due to injection molding.

This is only some of the industry that uses LSR molding. The utilization of liquid silicone rubber molding is expanding. There are lots of opportunities, and it could grow to any sector where more traditional rubber and silicone are prevailing.