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In the dynamic world of manufacturing, processes and materials are constantly evolving through innovation. One of these revolutionary developments is liquid silicone injection molding, a cutting-edge manufacturing process that has gained popularity for its precision, versatility and ability to produce complex parts. Used in industries ranging from automotive to medical, it offers unique benefits that are often difficult to match with conventional molding processes.

What is liquid silicone injection molding?

Liquid silicone injection molding is a specialized form of injection molding that uses liquid silicone rubber as the main material. Unlike traditional solid silicone rubber, the liquid silicone used in this process allows highly detailed and complex parts to be produced with exceptional precision. Liquid silicone is injected into a mold cavity where it solidifies and takes the shape of the mold.

Precision and detail:

Liquid silicone injection molding is renowned for its ability to reproduce details and complex geometries with high accuracy. It is therefore the ideal choice for manufacturing products with complex designs, fine textures and micro features. The process ensures consistency and accuracy of each part produced, meeting the stringent requirements of various industries.

Material Properties:

Liquid silicone rubber has unique material properties that contribute to the popularity of this molding process. The material is known for its flexibility, elasticity and durability, making it suitable for applications where these properties are critical, such as medical devices, automotive components and consumer goods.


Liquid silicone rubber is inherently biocompatible, making it the preferred choice for medical and healthcare applications. It meets the stringent regulatory standards for materials used in medical devices and is widely used in the manufacture of items such as catheters, seals and other critical medical components.

Overmolding and multi-material components:

Injection molding with liquid silicone enables the production of over-molded and multi-material components in a single manufacturing cycle. This capability is particularly valuable when producing products with different hardness, textures or colors, increasing design options and functionality.

Efficiency and cost-effectiveness:

The injection molding process for liquid silicone is very efficient, with fast cycle times and minimal material waste. The ability to automate helps increase production efficiency, making it a cost-effective solution for prototyping and high volume production.


Medical devices:

Liquid silicone injection molding is widely used in the medical industry to produce a range of components such as gaskets, liners and surgical instruments. Its biocompatibility, precision and ease of sterilization make it the preferred choice for critical medical applications.

Silicone car gaskets

Silicone car gaskets

Automotive components:

The automotive industry benefits from liquid silicone injection molding in the production of components such as gaskets, seals and connectors. The process’s ability to create complex shapes and withstand extreme temperatures makes it suitable for a wide range of automotive applications.

Consumer Electronics:

Liquid silicone injection molding is used in the manufacture of consumer electronics, particularly for components that require durability, flexibility and precision. Items such as keypads, gaskets and protective covers often benefit from this molding process.

Industrial components:

This process is used in the manufacture of industrial components where the material’s resistance to heat, chemicals and environmental factors is critical. Gaskets, O-rings and customized seals are common applications in this area.

Liquid silicone injection molding represents a paradigm shift in the manufacturing landscape, offering unmatched precision, material properties and versatility. As industry continues to demand more complex and higher performance components, this innovative molding process will play a central role in the future of manufacturing. Applications in a wide range of industries demonstrate the adaptability and efficiency of liquid silicone injection molding, making it the solution of choice for those looking to push the boundaries of product design and functionality.