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Most of us think that CNC machining is an easy and seamless process that uses state-of-the-art technology to create machined parts and products. Not many of us know the amount of work and the details that go into the preparation and ensuring that the setting for every project is precise and correct ready for use.

There is plenty of work that goes into the preparation of these machines such as positioning of the jacks, blocks, and soft jaws. Fixture plates can improve your work holding procedure and process. The results can be seen instantly with clean finishes of your products and parts that are crafted precisely and accurately. The fixture plates will also improve your tooling procedure without affecting the lifespan and longevity of your machines. 

Without further ado, here are some of the key benefits of using fixture plates on your CNC machining process.

Protecting your machine table

Just think about the number of times that you need to replace the iron cast table of your CNC machines right; the frequency of the replacement is mind-boggling. In some cases, due to the huge volumes handled the iron machine tabled needs to be discarded instead of being replaced.

With the installation of fixture plates, you’ll get an additional layer of security and protection of your receiving table enhancing its durability and longevity. But it’s important worth noting that fixture plate wears out much quicker as they are always customized towards a particular assignment.

CNC machining

CNC machining

Preventing issues arising from the normal setting

The machining table is the main feed where all the magic happens, it’s where the equipment performs all the programmed actions on the materials to be worked on. In case, where the plaques being worked on do not meet the uniformities this will result in clogging, dings, and crashes. 

Having fixture plates on the machines will enable your machines to handle all the big tasks one at a time to handle the positioning of the machine all by itself, a fact which is impossible when using the regular T-slots.

Expounding the capabilities of the CNC machines

At some point in the machining process, your CNC machines will require a bit of help especially when it comes to performing complicated tasks. If your clients want the latest technology when it comes to the production of machined parts and products fixture plates will come in handy as they can handle complex parts and products.

The fixture plates are specifically designed to boost the productivity of all the CNC machines.

Keeping the workplace tidy and clean

When working with CNC machines, the workplace is always messy due to excessive coolant and chipping. But, with fixture plates, this will be no longer the case. They will provide an escape route for all the excess materials and left-overs to conveniently move aside without affecting the quality and finishing of your product.

With fixture plates, gone are the days of stopping your production cycle to clean your working space