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Metal is the most common material for high-quality commercial and industrial products. While it does a great job of adding function, durability, and strength, having the right type of finishing service can add even more value to the product.

Several metal finishing techniques can make a metal product even better. But with all the finishing techniques available today, how can you determine the right one for your applications?

Here are some of the factors you should consider when selecting the right finishing services for your project.

Properties of Metal 

To ensure that you get the optimum product performance, you should consider the defining properties of the material. For example, its hardness. Stronger metal products and components need a more intense metal finishing style like abrasive blasting to have a visible finish.

Here are some of the metal properties that you should consider when choosing finishing services:

  • Corrosion Resistance – Defined as the capacity of the material to withstand damage caused by oxidation and other chemical reactions when the material is exposed to a given environment.
  • Machinability – The ease of metal can be cut or shaped while providing a satisfactory surface finish.
  • Ductility – It indicates the material malleability and refers to the material’s ability to be drawn or plastically deformed without breaking or losing strength.
  • Weldability – This refers to how easily a material can be welded with similar materials without cracks and degradation.
  • Tensile Strength – Measured in units of force per cross-sectional area. It is the load or amount of stress that a material can handle before it reaches the breaking point.

Electroplating parts

Electroplating parts

Speed of Production

The second consideration when deciding on the right finishing service is the speed of production. Manufacturers need to maintain the productivity of the supply chain and ensure that production requirements and customer demand are met. Some finishing services may take longer than others. If you want to maintain a short turnaround time, choose a metal finishing process that is doable within the timeframe.

Cost of Finishing Services

Each finishing service varies in cost. Some finishing techniques like anodizing are more expensive than others. However, it compensates with several benefits like higher quality and faster results. You need to evaluate the cost of each method and select the option that aligns with the budget.

Selecting the Finishing Service for your Project

Choosing the finishing technique for your project is a complex process. While knowing the types of finishing services and the main factors to consider can help, you should consult an experienced finishing services provider for recommendations.

You need to partner with a specialist who assists in selecting the most cost-effective finishing method that accounts for the project parameters and requirements.