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Many OEMs are looking for a dependable high pressure die casting company to produce lightweight and often complex automotive and aerospace components, as well as everyday consumer goods.

What, then, makes a good partner for this process? What should you avoid and what should you look out for? For this post, we are going to discuss in-depth on factors to consider when looking for a high pressure die casting firm. So, let’s get to it!

Pressure die casting product

Pressure die casting product

What is high pressure die casting?

High pressure die casting is a repetitive process that produces identical parts at high production rates. By injecting molten metal under pressure into a metal die.

Before high-quality molten alloy is transferred from the furnace to the shot sleeve by automatic ladle, the die is sprayed with cooling lubricant to regulate temperature and ease casting release.

The injection, cooling, and ejection phases are all monitored and adjusted by advanced real-time shot control software. Finally, the casting is ejected from the tool where its inspected. After that, the tool and machine are ready to repeat the process.

Consider the capacity

High-pressure die casting can be used to make a wide range of parts, but the size of a manufacturer’s machine will limit the size of the castings that can be produced.

If the machinery’s breadth meets your requirements, you should consider whether it can handle the volume of orders you’re dealing with. Keep in mind that if you’re making products for a fast-paced industry, there may be a significant increase in demand from your initial batch.

You’ll be able to respond quickly to changes in demand if you work with a supplier who can scale up production quickly. So, if market forces suddenly shift in your favor, make sure you have a casting partner who can keep up with your long-term objectives.


The high-pressure die casting process needs the use of sophisticated machinery and tooling. As a result, high start-up costs are frequently paired with long casting runs in order to offset the investment.

When looking for a casting partner, you’ll likely discover that most manufacturers only work on large orders, claiming that lengthy set-ups make the process difficult for small quantities of zinc or aluminum die castings.

This isn’t the case for everyone, though. If you’re looking fora shorter run, look for manufacturers who have optimized their tooling process and set-up operations making the technique available to clients who want smaller quantities.

Nice Rapid, for example, can provide a complete service regardless of how small a batch you require – so don’t feel obligated to increase your order if it doesn’t meet your needs.

Precision and excellent quality control

High pressure die casting is often preferred by highly innovative industries where product appearance and dimensional tolerances are critical because it allows for fast, precise, and cost-effective production of aluminum and zinc components.

If the castings you need have no margin for error, you’ll need to make sure your supplier’s quality control is second to none

Any potential partner/firm should ideally be able to show that they are ISO9001 certified and can inspect your castings with both advanced machinery and highly trained personnel.

Go for one with full service offerings

When you need to go through multiple third parties to complete a single cast part, the production cycle can become tedious and complicated. Furthermore, as an OEM, it is likely to increase your stress levels by raising both the cost and the margin for error.

Consider working with a full-service partner who can quickly adapt to your requirements, from alloy selection to tooling design and manufacture, surface finishing, mechanical assembly, and even logistics.

Ready to embark on your high pressure die casting project? Nice Rapid has extensive experience and proven track record in producing high-quality aluminum and zinc die castings for a variety of applications and industries.

Simply contact us today, and we’ll gladly assist you with your next project.