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31 07-2020
Plastic injection mold is perhaps the most popular manufacturing process. The number of products made from this manufacturing process is plenty, which attests to how this process is critical in... Read More
04 06-2020
If you changed your vehicle to a brand new model over the last 5 years, you probably noticed that your new ride of choice has a lot more plastic parts than the car you previously had. While many... Read More
02 06-2020
The process of plastic injection moulding has transformed the manufacturing of plastic merchandises. Most of the products produced using this process is used in our everyday lives. It takes several... Read More
22 04-2020
When it comes to the materials being used in plastic injection molding, manufacturers and designers have almost 85,000 material to select from. You might think this is an advantage as it provides... Read More
16 03-2020
One of the most used manufacturing techniques to make high-volume parts is plastic injection molding. It is a method that relies on using a heated barrel and a particular mold with a cavity... Read More
07 10-2019
Every week there seems to be a new scare involving food or additives that are apparently causing us harm in some way or another. Indeed, it is true that there have been very serious and hugely... Read More
07 10-2019
Although there are now many different resins to choose from when thinking about your next injection moulding project, issues such as how flame retardant it is and whether this can be improved are... Read More
23 09-2019
During high-volume injection moulding, multiple copies of the same part can be made using the same mould, speeding up production times and reducing tool time for the manufacturer. It may also be... Read More
16 09-2019
The main reasons for using Expanded Polystyrene in Injection Moulding are due to its durability light weight and insulating properties. Multiple products for many sectors are able to be produced,... Read More
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