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The process of plastic injection molding has transformed the manufacturing of plastic merchandises. Most of the products produced using this process is used in our everyday lives. It takes several years to perfect the process. Always consider the hard work and effort applied to the manufacturing of the many items around you that you use. The alarm clock, the brush to comb your hair, the bottle used for mineral water and others. You can say that today’s life will not be able to live without it.

Can you picture yourself if you do not have the products mentioned? Your life could be a mess, wouldn’t it?

As the years’ pass, the manufacturing system of injection molding has developed a lot. Whatever you have in mind, can be made possible thru plastic injection molding.

Below is a quick overview of how the process works as well as some applications that might be unknown to you.

Plastic parts

Plastic parts

The Plastic Injection Molding Procedure

First, you input your idea into computer software. In the manufacturing process, the item is evaluated for its exact measurement and possible errors. Then a metal mould will be produced and attached into the molding machine. The selection of the plastic resin will be discussed to ensure the final product is durable and firm.

Add the plastic resin pellets into the molding machine. Increase the temperature and let it melt. Once the plastic pellets liquefied, it will be forced into the metal moulds and let it take its shape. After the molten plastic takes the shape of the mould, it will be then solidified and cooled.

The completed item will be popped out from the machine and subjected to quality assurance for thorough checking. This technique is very effective and accurate that you can do mass production with minimal human intervention.

Products You Can Produce Using Plastic Injection Molding

Makers of buckle use this molding process and they are using it in manufacturing different kinds of buckles. Many toys are also manufactured using the injection molding process and they were able to produce them in bulk easily.

In the kitchen, there are lots of items made of plastic and they are also produced using this process. Food containers, kitchen utensils, plastic glasses, refrigerator, plates and others are only some of the items produced using the injection molding.

The medical industry has benefited a lot from plastic injection molding. These medical devices were able to save thousands of lives. Some of the devices manufactured using this process includes fetal heartbeat monitor, skeletal braces, heart pumps, blood sugar monitors and others.

Even the plastic components of satellites and rocket ships were manufactured using the plastic injection molding.