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plastic injection molding parts have several hidden costs we can’t see at first sight. This becomes especially true when we deal with a workshop in China. The mold is the most complex process to get completed. Most people don’t realize the challenges behind the design of parts or the logistics that need to be accounted for before delivering a single piece.

Any workshop handling the creation of your parts from the design stages is preferred. These companies are likely to deliver better-finished products. The expenses can go higher, but you’ll be covered when it comes to quality issues.

The Logistics of Casting a Mold

The problem faced by project managers who don’t understand these logistics is when they look for reduced costs to save money. Many entrepreneurs look for workshops in mainland China to get their parts done. This move can yield positive results cost-wise, but the quality of the products leaves a lot to be desired if you don’t work with a reputed party.

The fact is that many companies are competing to do the same job in the Asian nation, and many of them focus on delivery times rather than quality. This becomes noticeable when they handle large orders of a tooled piece with multiple parts. Many care enough about their reputation to deal with numerous revisions, but the process can be time-consuming.

Plastic parts

Plastic parts

The War of Manufacturers

Another issue affecting clients ordering manufactured plastic pieces overseas is that you must always keep tabs on the process. Being far away from the company handling your order comes with a price. Most entrepreneurs make the mistake of doing one-time visits to the workshop they want to do business with.

To ensure you’re working with a trusted workshop, it’s best to wait until they can deliver a finished test product and a mold. You face the consequences if the vendor uses low-quality materials, mishandles specs, or goes with subpar tooling. You have to address these problems before entering production. Otherwise, you’ll face increased costs.

The Variables in Play

When you ask for a quote from a foreign company, you need to balance the actual cost of the investment and your profits. This becomes a hard selling point if you are a startup needing to save as much money as possible.

Working with a local option is always expensive, especially when you see how much it costs to ship your project overseas. Many Chinese workshops can handle the whole process: from making the mold to shipping logistics. With the advanced communications of the present day, you no longer have to worry about travel expenses.