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Why Vacuum Casting is a Better Choice in Prototype Manufacturing

by Nice Rapid | Jun 10,2021 | Vacuum Casting

There is nothing constant in the manufacturing industry except for invention. Every manufacturer is looking for ways to increase their production while decreasing the costs. With that being said, it is important to discuss vacuum casting service as an effective way to hasten product development.

Vacuum casting is defined as the process that involves three steps: creating the master copy, creating the mold, and casting. In the last step, pressure is applied to prevent air entrapment. That makes the process ideal for creating prototypes with a high degree of fidelity and has complex shapes and undercuts.

Reproduce a Design and Maximize Efficiency

One of the biggest advantages that vacuum casting services present is the speed at which the process can replicate copies. This is useful for product designers because they can create prototypes much faster than any other manufacturing technique.

In some manufacturing methods, you have to sacrifice efficiency for speed. But with vacuum casting, you can get the part at maximum efficiency. Since it is using a computer-aided design in creating the master copy, you can expect its accuracy. 

vacuum casting parts

Reduce Production Cost

In vacuum casting, you need an original model as the master copy. This master model has to have the right dimensions because as it will be the basis for the succeeding copies. With this master copy, the mold is created using silicone.

The process is quick and easy bit it results in high-quality products without air entrapment. Once the mold is created, it can be used to create about fifty of the same part. These parts are high-quality and precise and look the same. It can save manufacturers on expensive tooling costs, especially when the required parts are in small quantities.

Better than Traditional Prototyping

Vacuum casting services are better than traditional prototyping because it does not undergo trial and error. There are many techniques you can use for prototyping but so far, vacuum casting offers a greater advantage.

It offers an inexpensive way to create a mold as the mold is made from silicone, a material that is cheap and readily available. Plus, a single mold can make many duplicates and the mold is faster to make than metal tooling.

Since the mold takes the shape of the master copy, it is high-quality and precise. That means the vacuum casting process can create exact copies of the master product using this mold with air holes. The production in vacuum casting increases while the cost of production is greatly reduced. For manufacturers, it means better profits.

With vacuum casting, you can create prototypes easily and launch your product quickly before going into mass production. It will help companies bridge the gap between prototyping and full production, without running out of stocks.

Also, the prototypes from vacuum casting can help product engineers to make changes to the design to create better results. If there are any issues with the design, they can readily make adjustments and create a new one to evaluate.

If you want to know more about vacuum casting, talk to any of our experts in Nice Rapid. They offer outsourcing services so you don’t have to invest.

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