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Why Choose Injection Moulding?

Some of us oldies like to think that our tried and tested methods are the best way of doing things and are naturally suspicious of something new and unfamiliar, whilst we feel that the younger generation think that they know it all and the best way of doing something is always by following the latest fad or method. In reality, does this mean that we may discount new technology for the sake of familiarity or vice versa? Injection moulding is definitely a stalwart of the engineering game and one that has evolved and adapted over time to use the latest technology to improve both the finished part itself and the way in which it is produced. You could also add that moulding was the precursor to 3D printing and that without the lessons learned from and the skill of moulding engineers, we would not be able to create as much as we can now using the 3D printing process.

Some of the reasons that moulding has been so effective for so long is that it is such a simple process if you just want to manufacture a simple part and manufacture it well. Combine this with the large production volume, sheer number of resins that can be used to manufacture parts, as well as being able to do so in many colours and styles and it really does add up to be a winning formula for both the manufacturer and the customer. Imagine a life without cheap plastic parts, no matter how environmentally damaging this has turned out to be. No plastic bottles, toys, kitchenware or cheap electronics. Yes, not disposing and recycling these products at the end of their life is damaging and wrong, but you cannot blame the manufacturing process for that.  

So, there you have it. Injection moulding is pretty impressive. Better than some newer manufacturing processes? You bet! Adapts with the times to integrate new methods and technology to adapt and grow? Definitely! Top marks, injection moulding!

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