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Upgrade Anyone?

by Nice Rapid | May 29,2019 | Rapid Prototyping

It is an exciting time for anyone involved in the rapid prototyping business at the moment; the sheer number of innovations in the field is truly mind blowing! We think that the following will be especially interesting for the industry, as it has the ability to become that most overused of clichés – a game changer. Let us tell you a little more…

Adding 3D Printing Capabilities to ANY CNC Machine?

A company called 3D-Hybrid have managed to produce a range of add ons to an existing CNC machine in order for them to become fully functioning metal 3D printers. Not only have they managed to undertake this with a standard 3D printing set-up, but it is also possible for different types of 3D printing technology to be supplied, such as Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing, Laser Metal Deposition and Cold Spray. We are blown away not only by the concept itself, but by the range of options available as a retrofit item!

Such innovative technology allows companies who have invested in their standard injection moulding setup to also have access to the lucrative 3D printing market, without jeopardizing their traditional customer base and investment that they have already put into their manufacturing facilities. This is because 3D-Hybrid also claim that they are compatible with almost any CNC machine on the market today and can even be commissioned overnight, thus reducing downtime and making the investment an even more attractive proposition. The entry price of around US$50,000 is within reach of a large number of manufacturing companies who wish to expand or offer their customers a proper 3D printing service, but do not necessarily have the order book to be able to justify a stand-alone machine.

We think that this is a truly innovative idea that will surely change the face of manufacturing and allow many more companies to join in with the rapid tooling revolution!

NICE Rapid is always at the forefront of the latest technological innovations. We would like to be a part of your latest project, so please contact us today!

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