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5 Things About CNC Machining that Every Manufacturer Should Know

by Nice Rapid | May 19,2022 | CNC Machining

Manufacturing may seem intimidating, especially for beginners. With many innovations in the processes and technology coming up on the market, it is easy to get lost in the midst of it all.

CNC machining is one of the most popular manufacturing processes. However, many people are still confused about many things about the process. If these facts are not clarified, it will leave them unaware of its benefits.

Therefore, to help you understand CNC machining better, we have compiled these five essential things that you need to know about the process.

Operating CNC machines require experience

Contrary to the popular belief, you need to have training and experience to operate the machine. It is user-friendly, but for those who have an understanding of how to make it work. Modern machines have visual programming tools. High-tech work probes, presets, and a wide range of tools. It will be hard to use for somebody who is not familiar with the workaround.

5 axis CNC machine

It does not work on “Set it and Forget it”

There is a huge misconception that CNC machines will continue producing the parts on their own once you run them. Like any other method, despite many advancements, some systems would require monitoring. In the case of CNC, it can be the tools or the inserts. Whichever the issue, there should be an operator to intervene to maintain the quality of parts.

Turnaround time can be affected by variables

Although CNC machines use CNC/CAM systems that make it easy to compute the production time of a given part, certain uncontrollable variables can come into play that would affect the machining time. For example, a certain tool might fail. It can cause a production delay. So, you should be cautious in predicting the production time for CNC.

G/M Code is still the language in CNC

Modern CNC machines use 3D CAM or computer-aided manufacturing systems to communicate with the machines and execute the instructions. This is an advanced programming tool but it is the same G and M code that operators are using in the past that works here. These codes are still inexistent and CAM programmers are using them to improve the cutting efficiencies, change the tool paths, adjust the settings, and many more.

Not everything in CNC machining is automated

CNC machining belongs to the automated processes. However, it too can fail and you need human intervention to get the system back up and running. Even if manufacturers have the greatest and latest technology, it will be useless without an experienced CNC machine operator.

Although the equipment is fully automated, the majority of the companies that offer this technique still have talented machinists and programmers on their team to create the parts.


This is just a partial list of the facts about CNC machining that every company that is into this technology should know. The CNC machines are a wonderful invention and it improves the output of many manufacturing firms. Understanding the ins and out of the process will help them in using it to their advantage.

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