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The Significance of Low Volume Manufacturing in The Medical Sector

by Nice Rapid | Apr 27,2020 | Low Volume Manufacturing

In the pharmaceutical industry, it can be quite hard to manufacture or make medical parts/products. Part of the reason being, the entire process is complicated, coupled with the fact that the speed needed to reach the market and the precision of the part is vital for the whole production sector to be a success.

After the evaluation of raw materials and product designs, this will give you a certain degree of flexibility with regards to your production. Well, at Nice Rapid, we will provide you with the perfect solution in terms of low-volume manufacturing.

The manufacturing process is done using specific manufacturing methods, thus ensuring that the medical parts produced will swiftly move from the prototype phase to production.

Customizing Low Manufacturing Process

The medical industry is more demanding than other sectors, as it requires more diversity and customization. This demand is a result of a brief life cycle of medical products and the ever-evolving technological advancement of the medical sector.

Due to this, both designers and engineers have to come up with innovative ideas such as shortening the launch cycles to hit the market faster, giving them an edge over their competitors.

Given the landscape of the medical field, product design and development are being churned out at a faster rate, so producers and suppliers have to adapt to the current changes lest they risk being left behind.

To save on cost and time, developers have moved from large-scale production to low volume manufacturing, which is beneficial as it gives them an idea of how the product design and ideas will look as well as enable them to be able to pinpoint design flaws.

For the manufacture of machined parts that range from 100 to 100,000, low-volume production, processing methods, mold tooling, and the material used are some of the vital steps of the production process.

medical device and plastics manufacturing

Advantages of Low Volume Manufacturing for The Medical Sector

There is a wide variety of reasons why low volume production is suitable for the medical industry, below are some of the benefits of the tooling process to the medical field.

Offers flexibility

Going with low product design and run will provide designers with a certain degree of design validation against the end-product or finished part. During conventional tooling, it was expensive to change the design of the part or product during mid-production.

But, nowadays, changes and improvements can be made after a pilot run, which ensures your product is fully optimized. The medical sector requires a degree of flexibility, and low volume manufacturing offers just that.

Quick turn-around time

Budget tooling and setting up vital components is critical to the overall production budget. Low volume manufacturing is more economical compared to mass production due to the shorter life cycle and building time.

Low volume manufacturing does not also have a specific order number. Thus there is no significant investment to offset, making it perfect for the medical sector, which requires flexible quantity and faster production.

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