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The Overall Process of the Plastic Injection Molding Procedure and How the Total Cost Varies

by Nice Rapid | Sep 24,2021 | Plastic Injection Molding

If you are looking for one of the most adaptable and versatile manufacturing procedures, look no further. Plastic injection molding provides you with the perfect solution that will cater to all of your needs and preference.

The manufacturing technique is used in a wide array of applications from the making of automotive parts to surgical tools and accessories, their use is limitless. The usage of a wide variety of plastic resins, as well as additives, provides a certain degree of flexibility for both engineers and designers. If you are looking for a high-volume and fast-rate production process, this is the best solution.

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The overall plastic mold making process

The plastic injection molding process uses different customization processes, the injection molding made from steel has cavities that form parts and products.

CNC machining/ standard: Standard machining involves the manual usage of drill presses, milling machines, and lathes. But for CNC machining can provide more detailed and intricate designs while still using some of the basic and more standard machining techniques.

It uses advanced tech which essentially means that everything is completely autonomous and doesn't require manual operators. The dimensions of the mold are designed using CAD software which is in turn decoded into manufacturing info by the CAM software. Finally, post-processor software is used to create the molds.

Electrical Discharge Machining: This technique mainly utilizes an electrode commonly made from copper or graphite. Using this technique removes the metal materials from the mold. One of the biggest benefits of this technique is the fact that it can make intricate shapes and designs that would have been otherwise impossible using conventional machining.

Another plus is the fact that it allows pre-hardened molds to be easily molded which eliminates the need for supplementary heat treatment. The final parts and products will not require finishing services treatment as the mold cavity already has fine finishing.

Another fact that you should have in mind is the injection mold can have one cavity which manufactures parts and products one at a time. There are also plastic injection molds that have numerous cavities making them suitable for high-volume production.

With regards to the cost of the overall mold-making process, it's comparatively high but it has a lower cost per part. The low cost per part coupled with its finish and resin options making it the most technologically advanced technique in the manufacturing sector.

The only thing that varies when it comes to cost is whether the project will use either small, single cavity injection mold to complex or large molds. The cost will also be dependent on other factors such as repair cost, operation as well as the raw materials being used.

Aside from material selection, other factors will determine the set price. Thus, as a client, you should always ask the mold manufacturers to design ad create your mold accordingly as well as use the correct number of cavities to achieve the set price as well as accommodate your budget.

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