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The Most Popular Industries Using LSR Molding

by Nice Rapid | Nov 09,2022 | Liquid Silicone Rubber Molding

LSR molding is used across many applications in numerous industries, such as the medical and healthcare industry, the automotive and transport business, and infant and aged appliances. You can also count the food and beverage industry, multiple devices, and electronic products. The general outlook for this niche is vast as more industries transition to silicone components.

If you handle some first-hand research, you'll find that LSR molding works well for short- and long-run production cycles. Any specialized workshop has fully automated LSR injection molding cells suited for precise builds and high-volume production. The high demand for parts in all the industries we just mentioned requires injection molding procedures during the last stages of prototyping to get near-production quality LSR parts for trials and testing, as well as supervision of production requirements.

LSR silicone rubber tubes

The most significant users of LSR include these industries:

Life Sciences

LSR is constantly being used for new medical applications and upgrading old appliances. The material has inert features that make it desirable in this field, such as biocompatibility and proven stability in demanding environments. Many science products with components need intricate details, tight tolerances, small complex geometry, and heightened cleanliness. You'll notice most modern respirators, valves, diaphragms, and other surgical instruments are made with silicone. A large portion of drug delivery recipients is also created with LSR thanks to hypoallergenic properties.

Transportation Industry

Many industries, from automobiles to ships, aircraft, and trains, make up the transportation niche. Modern engineering has implemented LSR's exceptional performance under extreme conditions to make the most durable parts impervious to high temperatures and ultraviolet light. You can find silicone in wire harness seals, connectors, bellows, gaskets, vibration dampeners, housings, and any sensor.

Consumer Products

Consumer products are a vast niche where LSR molding has a wide presence. The versatile material is used to create watertight barriers and bacteria-resistant showerheads. You can also see it used on faucets, sealed housings for personal hygiene products such as shavers and electric brushes, and soft surfaces such as headphones and hearing aid ear tips. Silicone's also safe to customize baby bottle tips and soothers. Thanks to LSR molding, you can get products that perform fine under any environment while withstanding various temperatures. The material is also used to create many appliances' valves, gaskets, and diaphragms.

Industrial Applications

Too many industries adopt silicone, mainly because they need a plastic material capable of performing in harsh environments. You can find silicone in safety products such as smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. There are also plenty of furnaces and gas water heaters using the material to up the ante on safety thanks to the delicate requirements of sensing the slightest changes, thus making rooms with tight security safer. Since silicone can withstand chemicals and high heat without losing shape, it's deemed dependable in multiple manufacturing equipment and safety devices, calling for reliability above high standards.

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