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Silicone and Clay – A Match Made in Heaven

by Nice Rapid | Sep 19,2022 | Silicone Molding

Using silicone molds to create clay constructs it’s a top choice these days, especially for small crafts and items. You can use a silicone mold pot with clay to get something that has a nice texture as long as it has average complexity. Using clay is simple since you can work it and condition it to ensure it reaches all crevices of your mold. Clay can quickly get every spot of your mold, and you can remove all excess using a single blade.

Since silicone is resistant to extreme temperatures, you can create clay parts that need to be baked inside your mold. You won’t be getting any breakage or cracks on it. The piece comes nearly flawless, and the mold keeps its integrity. You only need to wash it once to remove impurities, and you can go on creating another part with the same mold. Rinse and repeat the procedure until you have everything you need. This is pretty useful if you have a small business.

If you’re making silicone mold pots, you only need a bit of flexing to get things done from the mold after you’re finished. Baking the piece always goes well, and the removal process goes swiftly, especially if the pot doesn’t have a large volume. Keep in mind that thin walls on the part could present an issue, but clay reaches an excellent state of strength, and it’s not easy to break unless you apply too much force when it’s time to separate the mold from the finished part.

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Reasons to Use Silicone Molds for Clay Products

Using silicone molds for polymer clay is a no-brainer. Silicone has unique properties, but casting a mold with it is the most effortless process in the world, and it can be done by hand and with basic utensils. The combined match has many advantages and unique attributes depending on the build you’re handling. Here are the top reasons to go this route:

It’s Easy to use

Silicone and clay go together because they essentially complement each other. A high detailed clay build can be finished within a day using silicon molds. The process of handling crafts it’s so easy that it’s being added to many school curriculums. The procedure to make something out of clay it’s no longer reserved for pots and abstract sculptures. Now you can create something unique with as many reproductions as you like.

It’s Versatile

When you combine silicone molds with clay, the things you can create are only limited by your imagination. Silicone can take as much detail as possible for a sculpt, while a silicone mold can fill these details for the mold. With this manufacturing method, you can create from small figurines to even essential jewelry.

It’s Non-Stick

The best part about working with clay and silicone it’s that they both reject each other surface-wise. This means you don’t have to worry about silicone getting stuck into your part. Once it’s cooled off, the silicone easily wears off the finished piece, meaning you won’t get shreds of anything in the finished product.

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