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Silicon Vacuum Casting Cast In The Product Of Your Mind
by Nice Rapid | Mar 26,2020 | Silicon Vacuum Casting

vacuum casting product

In the times of high-quality products. Everyone expects one to be better than the rest of the companies. Therefore, when it comes to buying products and the production process, there is a need for high-tech technology that can compete with every other product or prototype. Within this system, there is a demand for machines that can have both quality and save money. Through Silicone Vacuum Casting, one can not just make a prototype but be flexible with its design and add various details that make a good finishing. Vacuum casting uses temperature as its base and starts the process of improving the materials.

What is Vacuum casting?

It is a casting process that is responsible for the production of the prototype by the use of a vacuum technique that converts the liquid material into a mold, which further helps in the production of the final prototype. It is extremely successful as it helps in the flexibility of mold, which can be used for multiple productions. Through the use of temperature, one can also add intricate details to the casting, which were not there earlier. It is a very high-tech process that requires rapid prototyping of plastic sheets, which are heated before they enter into the molding process. This is done in a silicone vacuum casting automatic machine.

Advantages of Vacuum Casting

There are various reasons why vacuum casting is considered as one of the liable options:

  • High quality and details in work: silicon is a kind of material that has a very high melting point and therefore when it comes to details, it can easily be able to sustain high temperatures, which means more detailing and higher and better precision of work. No matter how complex the geometry is the final product looks original with one's creativity. Resin is a substance which gives access to the right kind of materials to be used in the final product.
  • Lower production Cost: when it comes to the production of prototypes, if the formation of mold only costs half of the budget, it makes the whole production process very slow and less financed. However, with this technology, one doesn’t need to care about the cost, and they are very less. Silicon itself is a product that doesn’t cost much and can be sued for a very long period. Along with this, the materials engraved into the mold can be produced as prototypes that can be compared to 3D printing.
  • It can be a great method when you have big deadlines because the time taken by each product is less than most of the 3d printing machines. Therefore, it takes only ten days to produce 50 functioning prototype parts. It will not just meet the deadline, but the quality of the product will be able to procure long term clients.

Therefore, when it comes to silicone vacuum casting, it can be sued for various products, like I can produce packaging materials for food and beverages. It can additionally be used for housing products. Various big companies have started investing in this technology, making it the next big thing.


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