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Rapid Prototyping is the Best Way to Get a Grip on Any Established Industry
by Nice Rapid | Apr 08,2021 | Rapid Prototyping

In the manufacturing business world, the most significant security you can have is your idea locked with a patented prototype. This is even more important if you are trying to overtake several existent competitors in any given established industry. A finished prototype is the culmination of your work and your ideas’ translation after a long turn in design.

A prototype is meant to entice, invite and fulfill expectations. Not only yours but also the ones of any potential investor you want to have onboard with your ideas. You will be working with something tangible, operational that gives people something to look forward to. This is the basis of crowd funding, and it’s how things have worked for a long time.

The angle of prototypes may be different these days, so how to get one done in lesser times than a decade ago. Rapid prototyping gives us functional prototypes in a matter of days. Not only we can serve our investors with a working part, but we can also test functionality before their very eyes. If you need to understand the whole set of benefits, this is what you are selling:

SLA parts

You are Offering Validation to Your Project

In the manufacturing industry, there is no such thing as a leap of faith. You cannot sell good intentions and projections. If you are looking to make a mark, you need validation before anything else. Rapid prototyping offers that in spades. Not only do you get to offer full insight into your plan, but you also get to measure the possibility of succeeding with your ideas.

You Get to Show the Functionality of your Project

Do you know why so many people get funded so quickly on platforms such as Kickstarter? They always show a working prototype of their products. With rapid prototyping, you can get to the testing ground and show potential investors your project’s functionality. It also shows you have done your homework on your ideas and have put the required development for it.

You Can Revise Your Design

With a finished prototype in hand, you can test its functionality until you get it right. CAM and CAD models, 3D printing, and all related technologies allow you to go back to the drawing board as much as you need before putting your sales pitch. The best part of this stage? It costs a fraction of what it used to, and you get to work with the materials used for your finished product.

You Can Entice the Market

If you are planning to compete in the open market, a working prototyping is the best way to reach the people you want to sell. You can have a disrupting idea that significantly changes the outlook of an established market. The million-dollar idea, like it happened when Apple introduced the iPhone and forever changed the way we communicate with others as well as the way we used cellphones.

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