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Producing Your Prototype In China

Below, We will tell you how to get your ideas turned into reality and how this can lead to bigger and better things in the future.

Firstly, You have to be able to create your design at least on paper, Or even better, using a specialist piece of Computer Aided Design or CAD software, In order for the rapid prototyping specialist, Such as NICE Rapid, To be able to create the mould and produce your part. Software such as this can be prohibitively expensive and so it is often the case that the prototyping specialist can help you produce a full CAD file for your project, Saving you the expense of purchasing software that you might not use to its full potential.

Next, We shall consider the best way to produce the small volume of prototypes that you may require for testing and certification purposes, prior to the large batch run that you will eventually want to sell. 3D printing is, Obviously, The technology on everyone’s lips at the moment, But is it the best way to produce your product? If the design is very detailed and requires a lot of internal parts, Then 3D printing can be quite slow and complicated, But for something very low-volume and simple that can be produced quickly, It can be an efficient production method. However, Many companies offering 3D printing are not rapid tooling and prototyping experts and may not be able to offer you the correct advice if you want to scale up production and take things further. A rapid tooling specialist, Such as NICE Rapid, Is able to ensure that your design is produced in the fastest, Most efficient and cost effective manner, Alongside providing technical expertise that are essential to a successful product.

NICE Rapid is able to produce both moulds and the parts themselves, Allowing a "one-stop-shop" in the engineering process and ensuring that your parts reach you as quickly as possible. The whole process can be undertaken online, With the CAD files being uploaded to NICE by email. Once a 50% deposit has been made, Production will commence, With the balance being paid on completion and prior to shipping. Just like any important business transaction, NICE’s staff are always available to provide you with help and support, Which is especially comforting if this is your first project. The price of the moulds and parts are dependent on the complexity, Materials used and time taken to manufacture and finish, But are often a lot less than people expect. Please feel free to contact us at any time for a free, Confidential, No-obligation quote and start your project today!

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