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30 12-2022
Vacuum-assisted pouring of liquid materials into silicone molds to create complicated shapes is known as vacuum casting. Latex and rubber elastomers are used in vacuum sealing of a fluid. Vacuum... Read More
25 11-2022
When you're ready to take your product from prototype to production, you can use a few different methods. This blog post will discuss vacuum casting and why it's the best option for low-volume... Read More
17 08-2022
Getting access to modern manufacturing technology is the only way to offer quality results when you're designing something. Using high-quality materials offers desired aesthetics for your... Read More
20 07-2022
Every product started as a prototype and the same is true for the tools and devices in the medical industry. These prototypes are used for proof of concept, certifications, benchmarking,... Read More
26 05-2022
You can find plenty of casting options if you want to manufacture parts made from polymer or metal materials. There is sand casting, which is the oldest and cheapest of the ton. On the other end... Read More
07 05-2022
Vacuum casting is an important technique in rapid prototyping because it can complement other processes like CNC machining and 3D printing or can be a stand-alone process for producing high-quality... Read More
22 03-2022
There are many options to choose from when it comes to prototyping. There is CNC machining, 3D printing and then there is vacuum casting, which can be used as an independent technique or as a... Read More
01 03-2022
Did you know that we cannot go through our day without encountering a polyurethane product? These products are durable due to the combination of various urethane polymers. These materials add... Read More
28 02-2022
When it comes to considering the Silicon molding vacuum casting then the overall process is considered a very cheap and proper one. So firstly it offers you high heat resistance that proves very... Read More
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