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05 05-2022
Have you heard about overmolding? This is a unique injection molding process where two materials are seamlessly combined into a single part or product. The combination is usually a rigid,... Read More
08 03-2022
If you are familiar with the plastic injection molding process, you might have encountered some of the materials the process used. Their names seem straight out of a chemistry class and very hard... Read More
17 02-2022
The history of plastic began in the late nineteenth century when celluloid, the first man made plastic was invented. Among the first items created in plastic was the comb. Before then, the piece... Read More
24 09-2021
If you are looking for one of the most adaptable and versatile manufacturing procedures, look no further. Plastic injection molding provides you with the perfect solution that will cater to all of... Read More
13 09-2021
Manufacturing plastic parts would require additional finishing before its completion. The majority of this final processing is done to improve the product's aesthetics and appearance. One of the... Read More
09 08-2021
There is a domination of plastic injection products all around us. From toys to turbine blades in space shuttles, they are all made from plastic injection molding. For those who are unfamiliar with... Read More
29 07-2021
Pins of an ejector are crucial in making parts or items. These items are indispensable equipment of the launch framework in mold. These items also help in deciding the ultimate result of items in... Read More
07 06-2021
Among the manufacturing processes today, injection molding is the most popular. It comes as no surprise since the majority of the items we use everyday are made from this manufacturing... Read More
06 04-2021
Infusion molding requires an extraordinary bargain of the forthright plan and designing to create nitty-gritty tooling or molds. Created from stainless steel or aluminum, split-die molds are... Read More
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