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Most Popular Applications of Aluminum Extrusion Materials

by Nice Rapid | Jun 09,2022 | Aluminum Extrusion

In metal fabrications, the most popular material to come out is through aluminum extrusion. The process not only simplifies fabrication but also improves the stiffness and strength of the material. Most of the products of aluminum extrusion are good-looking, corrosion-resistant, and lightweight.

Given such properties, you can imagine how varied its applications are. You will be surprised to learn that the most common items here are from aluminum extrusion. Without further ado, here are the most common applications of materials from this process.

aluminum impact extrusion

Some Common Application of Extruded Aluminum

Extruded aluminum is a fascinating material because it is lightweight, exhibits extraordinary strength, appearance, or thermal electrical conductivity. With the process, it can have a unique cross-section and a host of features if needed. Another reason why it is popular is the cost of extrusion. The dies are cheaper than those used in molding or casting techniques.

You can find the extruded materials in the following applications.

1. Architecture and Construction. You can find extruded aluminum in railings and balustrades as well as in building bleachers and facades. Its stiffness is appropriate for canopies or in structures that have less weight or in suspended ceilings and walls.

Since we are talking about construction, we should also include ladders since a majority of them are now made from extruded aluminum.

2. Display Equipment. Extruded aluminum is used in stands in trade shows or exhibitions. In these cases, the extruded materials are designed with pieces that interlock to facilitate easy assembly. Since it is lightweight, it is convenient to move around.

Extruded aluminum is also used for picture frames, point-of-sale displays, and display cabinets. With the distinct properties of aluminum, the possibilities of its use are endless.

3. Electrical Systems. Since aluminum is a good conductor, it is often used as busbars or other related equipment in electrical systems. In lighting, it is used for fixtures that require thermal management. Extruded aluminum is also used in solar panel installations as support. Because they are strong and corrosion-resistant, it is perfect for roof-mounted panels.

Extruded aluminum with fins is used in radiators and other heat exchangers because it is easy to mount and does not weigh too much.

4. Industrial. If you enter a manufacturing facility, you can see plenty of aluminum extruded material being used. It is the material of choice for workbenches, carts, and inspection tables. The material is convenient because it costs less, is lightweight, and offers good value for money. Other uses are for machine guarding and frames.

5. Transportation. Weight is a major concern for selecting materials in the transportation sector, particularly for aerospace. That is where extruded aluminum works best. It is a good material because it has less weight than the others. It is also applicable to the construction of trailers and RVs because it doesn’t rust and is good for decorative parts too.


If you are thinking about a versatile material for your project, look into extruded aluminum. There are many things around you that are made from aluminum extrusion, maybe it will work with yours too. Contact us for details.

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