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Modern Rapid Tooling Techniques Used In the Manufacture of Prototypes

by Nice Rapid | Jan 23,2021 | Rapid Tooling

When it comes to the creation of prototypes, rapid tooling is one of the best and effective ways of doing so. In the last 20 years, we have witnessed a tremendous shift partly thanks to the emerging trends in technology. The new technology has truly changed now they can truly meet the modern needs and requirements of its clients.

A lot of industries are now catching up to the idea of creating products/parts that are used to customize parts of existing or new products thus making our lives much smoother and easier.

The ongoing studies and research in the rapid tooling field present manufacturers with a unique and wide variety of options when it comes to updating previous technology. One thing that you need to know about rapid tooling is there are multiple options and each of them comes with its benefits for that specific job.

Common features of the rapid tooling technique

Most rapid tooling machines come with standard techniques despite how you utilize them, the first and most significant one is that the molds must be sturdy and robust to be able to sufficiently handle all the plastics and resins at very high temperatures.

The tooling machines must also be able to handle all of the production cycles as well as being able to sufficiently handle the huge amount of pressure exerted on it per square inch enabling them to clamp down every time the mold combines and cast apart.

The frames of the rapid tooling machines must be powerful and sturdy enough to sufficiently handle the high amounts of temperature as well as the ongoing impact. When it comes to surface finishing, the patterns should have a clean build as well as have the ability to eject the created parts and product without a fuss.

For those who work with multilayered products, trimming must be done at the end of every production cycle. With regards to leaking, the molds must be supervised at all times or your whole production process may be at risk, thus it's not worth putting your whole production process in jeopardy.

precision accuracy tolerance 3d printing

3D printing the safer option of rapid tooling

After covering and knowing all the ins and out of your project, the next phase is choosing the multiple processes and paths to get your project done. One of the most widely used methods/techniques by mold manufacturers is 3D printing.

The 3D printing option will allow you to create prototypes in less than four weeks, this is inclusive of all the design flaws and revision which can be addressed by way of email or phone call. This makes it super easy for both the client and the manufacturer.

The technology employed in prototype creating makes it super affordable, the modern tech and software used to couple with the right tooling material allows the creation of parts and products with unique and complex geometries making it possible to bring even the crazy ideas and designs to light.

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