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Looking to Outsources all your CNC Machining Services to China?

by Nice Rapid | Sep 10,2021 | CNC Machining

Chinese CNC machining services provide a wide array of benefits that you'll not find anywhere globally, with fast turn-around times as well as affordability. More and more companies are looking to outsource all their CNC machining services to China. The truth of the matter is, outsourcing CNC machining services provide developers with a unique opportunity to enjoy the efficiency and cost that's on offer.

But remember all is not rosy when contracting CNC machining firms, outsourcing can be quite a tricky journey that is quite difficult to navigate. There are hundreds of Chinese firms to select from, communication is a key challenging issue as well as the differences in intellectual property, standards, as well as currency.

To make your life much simpler and easier, we are going to highlight some tips on how to outsource and order CNC machining services as well as some of the most common challenges.

Outsourcing all your machining services to specialists

Regardless of the size of the companies, most firms outsource all their machining services to China. Even when making prototypes, it makes much more sense business-wise to outsource their services to China rather than looking at in-house solutions due to the floor space as well as technical know-how to operate these machines.

The whole process, as well as pieces of equipment used, is massive, something which isn't found in most companies. So, it's better to outsource to professionals who have perfected the art of production. Another reason is acquiring a skilled workforce in-house doesn't come cheap; thus, outsourcing provides a much more viable solution.

Precision cnc milling services

Why opt for China?

Over the last 20 years or so, China has emerged as production and economic powerhouse. The adoption and procurement of CNC machining hardware have been on the rise thus making it extremely easier to execute and operate all the machining services.

China offers some of the most competitive and affordable manufacturing rates, a rise in CNC machining firms has also greatly helped to drive down the cost that comes with machining service.

The Chinese firms used foreign-based and local equipment's thus ensuring that all of their client's specifications are met. There are other cheaper options than the mainland such as Vietnam and Taiwan, but China still produces much more superior products as well as has excellent supply and logistics capabilities.

Tips to consider when ordering from Chinese firms

Communication: It's important to choose a firm or workshop that easy to communicate with, there are bound to be some translation issues but if it arises be sure to submit your technical drawing plus digital files which removes any ambiguity.

Signing non-disclosure agreement: Intellectual property issues are what drives away most clients with regards to working with Chinese firms. With the change of IP laws, it's still a wise decision to sign an NDA with your CNC machining firm which prevents them from re-using or disclosing your designs to third parties.

Currency conversions: Most firms accept payment of different currencies, but the most popular one is the dollar. When sending an international wire transfer there may be extra fees. So, be sure to communicate with the firm and your bank to address any concerns.

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