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Know About The Silicone Vacuum Casting

by Nice Rapid | Apr 07,2020 | Silicone Vacuum Casting

silicone vacuum casting products

There are several shapes that we can see in this world. Ever wondered where they come from? How two different toys or things can have an identical shape and size with no distinction? As handwork can never have this accuracy, the process used is casting. Casting is a process that involves using a liquid material is poured into a cast or a mould to achieve a particular shape. Earlier done by metallic casts, silicone vacuum casting has taken its place in the modern era. It makes use of silicone moulds used to provide shape to a particular liquid. The casting temperature depends upon the type of liquid filled in the mould.

How does Vacuum Casting Work?

Vacuum casting is a simple task and requires several steps done with high accuracy and precession. They include the following steps:

  • Master model: It is the most important step in vacuum casting. If the main model is not perfect the mould made from it will not be accurate. It can be an industrial tool or a handmade model of a computer-generated one. It is tested to have no flaws and a perfect dimension.
  • Cure Process: It is the process of making silicone vacuum casting. The silicon covers the model and is placed at high temperatures to ensure that the silicon covers every part of the model. It is then taken out and cut into 2 pieces to give the same cast with a hollow inside.
  • Filling the resin: This process involves filling the cast with the desired material in which the duplicates are to be made. It can be different materials like plastic, resin, etc. after filling it is made sure that the material fills the entire mould space to ensure a perfect design.
  • Curing: The filled cast is then placed in an oven that provides optimum conditions and temperature for the material to cast into the shape as desired. On completion, it separates easily from the mould.

Benefits of Vacuum Casting

There are several benefits of silicone vacuum casting. They include the following:

  • Easy production: Silicone moulds are easy to cast into and the material filled in does not stick to it. This leads to more production in less time.
  • High precision: Silicone moulds take in every fine detail while curing the model. This leads to better precession of the mould, ultimately creating accurate sub-models.
  • Break free models: Silicon cast does not stick to the material. It comes off easily without breaking any specific corner (if any) in the products.
  • Flexible and Quality: Silicone moulds are highly flexible to the material used for casting and produce a high-quality product with any material a person chooses.

Vacuum casting is an easy process. Casts for the casting can be made by one or can be bought easily. One must ensure that the moulds they have is from a good store and ensures safety. They are a onetime investment and handling them good can lead to long durability and efficiency of moulds.

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