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How to Produce Cost-Effective Injection Molding Products

by Nice Rapid | Nov 16,2022 | Plastic Injection Molding

You must go through a development phase if you’re shopping around your ideas for new products among workshops. During this stage, you’ll deal with some of the most challenging questions about the part you’re making, but most important of all, it’s how to make the overall project cost-effective. Some workshops go with the flow; silicone mold rubber is always the first choice for many since the material it’s inexpensive. However, you need to ask the technicians and engineers to study your designs so they can let you know if you have something viable on your hands.

In the following line, we’re listing a few indicators you have to study before embarking on any manufacturing venture, especially if you plan to use silicone mold rubber.

Plastic parts

Take a Good Look at the Size and Complexity of the Part

The first thing you must examine when producing cost-effective silicone mold rubber products is the size and complexity of your design during the development stage. Large parts and designs require large molds and longer production cycles. As you can imagine, this increases the cost of the injection molding process. Size aside, you also have to study complexity. Complex shapes make the molding process more difficult, sometimes, it’s good to trim something down, but in other stances, it’s a certainty. Products with complex designs end up being more expensive to manufacture. That’s why workshops need CAD files on hand with all the specs of your product design. When they review these files, the team offers suggestions to improve the design and make it easier to handle while keeping the build cost-effective.

Use of the Latest Manufacturing Technology

To manufacture any product, you want high-quality equipment for your build to get the best possible outcome. A solid mix of intelligent devices and skilled engineers are the right combinations to implement automation and streamline the manufacturing process. A workshop with state-of-the-art machines and equipment can help you produce the best silicone mold rubber products. You can always ask the workshop about their tech to ensure it’s up to date with the latest software to sort out any issues they may find along the way.

Manufacturing Overseas

Many worldwide vendors will ask you to go locally for your manufacturing needs. Many make their case that the import costs will cut back on your profits, but that’s not exactly true anymore. The supply chain has been gradually stabilized, and there’s never been a better time to ship your manufacturing overseas. Asia is still the most significant manufacturing hub in the world, with so much competition among themselves that they’re crawling over each other to take your business at the best price.

Solid Partnership

Overall, the key to producing silicone mold rubber products cost-effectively is having a successful partnership with your injection molding manufacturer. A reputed workshop can help you at each stage of the injection molding process. They will shape your design and bring your idea to new levels of competence to get inserted in the market you want to compete in.

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