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How to Know if Liquid Silicone Rubber is the Right Choice for Your Product?

by Nice Rapid | Jul 18,2022 | Liquid Silicone Rubber Molding

The use of liquid silicone in the manufacturing industry has gained much traction over the last two decades, with an increasing number of OEMs using it for new and improved versions of their lines and to increase their catalog of offerings. If you plan to manufacture something, you can't go wrong with liquid silicone products. The following are some of the best arguments to opt for liquid silicone products.

Liquid silicone helps you think out of the box

When you aim to create liquid silicone products, you can have complete control over your creation's shape, color, and durability. The only limit you face it's your own imagination. Silicone is highly durable and able to withstand the strength of most elements, including extreme heat and cold and the impact of chemical solvents. In the current market, the most popular use of liquid silicone is in the medical field and the food industry. The automotive industry has many applications for the material as well. The toy industry is going for more complex builds since molds created with silicone are the most cost-efficient.

Custom silicone seat pad

Liquid silicone is versatile

We already mentioned several industries that have made the switch and offer various liquid silicone products. The customization levels of the machining process for this component make it highly versatile. You can use it in single-shot injection molding or two-shot manufacturing as well. You can also do if you wish to over-mold on plastic and metal substrates. These possibilities open the door to unending design hacks and tweaks that can be done on the fly to improve your products and create better versions of them.

Liquid silicone is durable

Most liquid silicone products are very durable. Case in point: modern smartphone cases are made using different degrees of silicone plastic. Users stick with one for years because the material they are made of can withstand the most extreme environmental conditions, vibrations, and UV exposure. Since silicone is naturally hypoallergenic, the substance is resistant to mold, mildew, and bacteria, meaning it takes a lot to get it dirty. That's why liquid silicone is the top choice for baby toys and appliances such as pacifiers.

Liquid silicone products are cost-effective

Once you have the mold for your liquid silicone products, manufacturing is cheap. The tight tolerances of silicone mean you can rough it up and still get your product in proper shape, shipped without liability, and keeping your brand's good name. With two-shot and over-molding, you eliminate many extra steps in the manufacturing process. You save time, money and speed up the shipping process to your customers.

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