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How Rapid Prototyping Has Improved Our Life in the XXI Century

by Nice Rapid | Jun 08,2020 | Rapid Prototyping

Every market in the world has embraced rapid prototyping as the best manufacturing method in every single way we can imagine. Some of the largest industries, such as health, automotive, sports goods technology, and even defense, use these services every waking hour because of the results we can get with them. If you want to understand the reasons behind this, we can get started by exploring the various aspects of manufacturing around the world, and how it has improved life thanks to all the steps involved in rapid prototyping techniques such as the following:

Shaping the Concepts

Making your idea a reality is hard if you don't have the right tools, the expertise, and the knowledge to do it the right way. A suitable workshop is the one that has mastered all the stages of development efficiently. With rapid prototyping, you use plenty of digital tools to shape, mold, and adapt your design to the most functional version of it. You can even get a full preview before getting started with manufacturing using 3D printing technology.

prototype mold

Design Stages

Speaking of changes, rapid prototyping opened a door of endless revision, one of the luxuries you weren't allowed in handcrafted tooling because it was cost-prohibitive. The best workshops can handle all the revisions you need to do on a product over and over until you have the final, optimized version of the latest computer software. You can also make sure it meets all the standards of the regulatory agencies of the world. The retooling process is no longer a cause for concern when it comes to testing the capabilities of your products.


The incredible levels of customization you can have using rapid prototyping technology are incredible, even using existing molds. Creating a brand new mold is still one of the most expensive processes in manufacturing. Nevertheless, once your products are out there, the cost of production goes exponentially down, as well as retooling your existing molds to create updated parts. This has proven to be a cost-efficient measure for many companies, that even allows them to get experimental without expending too much money.

Low Volume Production Runs

Forget about the constraints placed in the past by large manufacturers; these days, any workshop will create the right number of parts you need for a great price. Many developers have finally realized the excellent market niche there is in low volume manufacturing and how much money they can make with these entrepreneurs once their initiatives take off and become big sellers.


Manufactured products are great when there is a well-thought strategy behind their creation. The performance of the products in the market will be reflected in sales, and the feedback you get from your sales will help you improve your products to the future, or even go ahead and help you create a better version of it.

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