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How Low-Volume Manufacturing Helped Supply Chain During the Pandemic

by Nice Rapid | Sep 13,2022 | Low Volume Manufacturing

Low volume manufacturing is a business strategy that small and medium industries used for a long time. Lately, it has been gaining traction as the demand for customized products increases.

Many big companies like Apple and Tesla have adopted the strategy for their iPhone and electric cars, respectively. These are highly sought-after brands, and unlike mass-produced goods, they require a high level of customization that only some manufacturing techniques can accommodate.

One of the benefits of using low-volume manufacturing is it allows goods to be prepared with higher quality control and with more efficiency. There is an increase in the number of low-volume manufacturing companies due to the increased demand for small batches of products.

Whether you are a small entrepreneur looking to manufacture unique products or a customer who truly appreciates personalization, then low-volume manufacturing is a perfect alternative.

Low volume production parts

What is Low Volume Manufacturing?

Low volume manufacturing is the opposite of mass production. Under its umbrella are various manufacturing techniques to manufacture products in small quantities.

With low-volume manufacturing, there is a greater chance of focusing on the quality of the products as more attention to detail and precision is given priority. Perhaps one of the reasons why many businesses are choosing low-volume manufacturing as a strategy to produce their products.

Why Choose Low Volume Manufacturing?

As mentioned earlier, low-volume manufacturing is ideal for companies who want to create unique products with a limited production budget or when the design requires more flexibility on delivery date and turnaround time.

In low-volume manufacturing, efficiency is evident in the way the products are made with lower costs and less waste. Aside from efficiency, other benefits in using this manufacturing strategy include an increase in safety margins, reducing the need for more inventory for raw materials as the product is made in small batches, and a higher customer satisfaction rate because of quick delivery.

It can also help companies to save their resources - time and money because of the reduced cost of prototyping. With low-volume manufacturing, they can test the market and determine the true value of the product before going into mass production.

Popular Products Made with Low Volume Manufacturing

Low volume manufacturing helps companies adapt to supply chain issues during the pandemic. It has gained traction in the field of aerospace and automotive as well as smaller companies.

Here are some innovative products made with low volume manufacturing that was introduced last year.

Electric Vehicles

The emergence of electric vehicles has brought dramatic changes in the transportation industry. They have no emissions and are, therefore, better for air quality and the environment. Most electric cars are made using low-volume manufacturing strategies as these vehicles are made in small batches,

Lightweight Cars

Manufacturers are also using low-volume manufacturing to make lightweight cars that offer greater fuel efficiency and better performance. Since low volume manufacturing techniques can be used to produce lightweight parts, it is more efficient during assembly,

Medical Prototypes

Another popular application of low-volume manufacturing techniques is in the creation of medical prototypes. This allows testing in the early stages of product development and prevents possible issues during mass production. It decreases the chances of recall in the process and reduces the costs associated with it.

New Product Testing

The restrictions and lockdowns during the pandemic have made it difficult to manage the supply chain. Low volume manufacturing helps ease some of the burdens by allowing flexibility in the manufacturing process. This is particularly helpful to the construction, mining, and automotive companies.


Low volume manufacturing as a business strategy will likely stay because of the value it offers to manufacturers and customers. Nice Rapid provides low-volume production techniques across different industries. For more information on how we can help, contact us.

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