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How Beneficial is CNC Machining to Manufacturing Companies

by Nice Rapid | Aug 23,2021 | CNC Machining

CNC machining is one of the most trusted manufacturing methods by product manufacturers all over the world. Most projects that need engineering or planned design will most likely need CNC machining one way or the other. Not only that, almost all kinds of industries and businesses need a small part of metal or plastic made from CNC machining.

What is CNC Machining?

CNC machining refers to the use of computer numerical control machining. That means the machine automatically operates the parts to the machine including routers, lathes, grinders, mills, shapers, and others that are normally operated by humans. Compared to the conventional method, CNC machining is faster and more precise.

The computer used in CNC machining is different from your typical desktop. It uses a special software with G-Code, the specific language used to control the CNC machine. It allows precision in controlling the specific requirements like speed, location, feed rate, and coordination.

During the machining process, CNC will have high-speed movements that enable quick turnaround time, customization, and other benefits. 

custom cnc parts

Here are the reasons that show why CNC machining is vital for businesses

Improve efficiency

Through automation in all its production operations, there is less room for error. It increases the speed of production and improves the quality of the products. For example, drilling on material via conventional means will take time. With CNC machines, production is continuous and would stop only during maintenance.

Since there is no manual labor involved in the production, there is no fatigue, and procedures are streamlined to only one machine instead of many. In other words, the manual process in traditional manufacturing is eliminated.

Better accuracy

Another reason why companies switch to CNC machining is due to accuracy. With the use of CNC machines, the manufactured parts are all identical down to the last details. This is because the design and the specifications are programmed into the computer and followed with each part made.

With minimal errors, there is no unnecessary waste. If your project needs to produce identical parts, CNC machining can do that. With its high level of accuracy, replicating identical parts is less complicated. The machine can also produce products that are hard to make manually even with the most skilled technician.

Less Labor

As mentioned earlier, CNC machines only require a few operators to complete the process. Only one technician can run the automated CNC machines simultaneously and a single programmer can load the designs in the computer. A manufacturing setup requires only one operator per machine and a group supervisor. The savings in the labor cost are passed along to the customers for a more competitive advantage.

Increase Capability

In CNC machining, the machines are operated with advanced software. It can create outputs that manual machines cannot do. Some designs would be too difficult to make even by a highly skilled machinist that only a CNC machine can do. It can make products of any size, texture, or shape as needed by the specifications.


In fabrication, CNC machines are important because they take over many operations like shearing, welding metals, punching holes, flame-cutting, and many others. CNC machines can perform all of this. It can also fabricate large projects of any specifications.

Another reason why CNC machining is used in fabrication is because of its flexibility and reprogramming function. Now wonder CNC machining services encompass many applications across dozens of industries.


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