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A Few Tips to Understand Aluminum Extrusion

by Nice Rapid | Mar 23,2021 | Aluminum Extrusion

Aluminum extrusion is one of the most common techniques used across the world by many manufacturing workshops. When you need to bend or curve parts to get something done, nothing is more reliable.

Even when most industries are shying away from metals in favor of solid polymers and other fibers, there is still a vast demand for metal components that cannot come to fruition using new technologies.

Either their structural framework gets compromised or needs the extrusion to achieve a preset condition of the design. These are some of the traits we need to understand about aluminum extrusion, as well as the role it plays in the modern world:

The Versatility of Aluminum

Aluminum is undoubtedly one of the many wonders found in nature. The metal is extracted from bauxite, and it's refined to become one of the most malleable substances available to man and one that it's also highly resistant when cooled off. Understanding aluminum can take you far if you are looking to accommodate your most demanding clients' needs. Make sure to help them see the benefits of it.

Twist, Bends, Shape

As we mentioned, aluminum is very easy to work with. We can achieve extrusion in many ways. A single sheet can withstand as many bends and twist as required to get it into the shape that works for us. Some of the most intricate forms have no practical use in any industry, but they are a great way to sell furniture and allow metallurgic artists to do their thing.

When it comes to more industrialized approaches, aluminum extrusion is the go-to manufacturing method for many of the curved shapes required in machinery, pipes, and flow conductors. In some less honorable uses, you will find how much this technique is required in the armed industry globally, especially in countries with nuclear programs such as the USA, China, Russia, and North Korea.

Trimming to Get It Right

Many people make the mistake of oversimplifying extrusion as just a way to bend metal or makes cylinders. This so far off the mark that it's painful just to hear it. Aluminum extrusion never ends with the simple act of getting the metal into the required shape. It also calls for every bit of after-work the part needs to get something 100% functional.

Extrusions are also the way to test certain alloys' durability since aluminum is such a big part of many chemical compounds that look to either strengthen or weaken certain metals to make them more accessible depending on the manufacturing project. It's a lot to take in but something that comes off as very rewarding once you know since you will get what you want without beating around the bush.

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