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Considerations Before Choosing the Best Silicone Manufacturer

by Nice Rapid | Sep 16,2022 | Silicone Molding

You want to create a product using a liquid silicone manufacturer. That may prove challenging if you're a first-timer, but it's easier if you precisely understand your project's scope and what you need. You need to get started by assessing your needs and being upfront about the quality of the finished project and how timely you need the parts shipped. Communication plays a crucial role in getting things done. These are the qualities you should have under consideration before getting making the call:

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Location of your manufacturer

Even after the Covid-19 pandemic ravaged the world, China is still the best place to choose a manufacturer and get things done. The supply chain issue is slowly turning into a thing of the past. Shipments are moving forward, and it's never easier to contact a company and drop your prototype for development.

You may still find some benefits by going local, but materials costs are still an issue for many developers in western nations. Liquid silicone manufacturers in China mainland don't have to deal with such an obstacle. The cost of getting your project done includes the raw materials you need to get your product. You will get an upcharge locally since such resins are also imported from China.

Ongoing Communication

Open lines and ongoing communication are essential when dealing with liquid silicone manufacturers. You can be at the early stages of development, but following up every step of the process is critical to avoid mistakes and keep everything on a budget. Test the communication channels with your chosen partners before getting started. Make sure they use many tools for chats about any part of the specs.

Not everything is a smooth sail. Many people revise the original concepts and need to change the prototype midway. While it's true that working with silicone is cheaper and faster, it doesn't take ways the fact that your project could be delayed if you need to review the concept. In these times, it's when you need to get a hold of the developer and let them know of any quick changes. Regardless of time zones, they can assist you to help improve your project.

Good relationships

You can always check the track record of most manufacturers by taking a deep look at their websites. People leave their stamps about their performance, and some are very vocal about it. We live in a time where certifiable information is not easy to fake. If you want to build a relationship with your manufacturer based on trust, you can contact their past customers and look at reviews on independent platforms such as Made-In-China reviews or Clutch.

Test Their Expertise

Established liquid silicone manufacturers can put the same effort into small-scale projects as they do with large shipments. If you're not so sure about your new provider, start small. Place a low-volume order and rate their level of success. Once you have the finished part in your hand, you'll be able to place a fair assessment on their sills. Putting a bit of pressure on your requirements can improve your chance of specific performance. If they're good, they will let you know if your expectations are unrealistic or not.

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